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Cologne-based psychiatrists Dr. Déirdre Mahkorn and Alexander Klick believe that each and every patient deserves compassionate and personalised care no matter which mental health challenge you may be facing, be it Anxiety Disorder, Music Performance Anxiety, Burn-Out, Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Addiction Disorders. We are experienced and competent specialists in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), both of us worked in large (university) centres in Germany as consultants for many years. Our concept is to facilitate your well-being to enable you to lead a fulfilled life.

Currently, we can only accept private-payment patients.

Stage fright clinic

Our concept is to show you ways of facing these fears in your everyday life by means of your own competence.

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Our practice

Two friends, dynamic consultant psychiatrists at Cologne’s largest psychiatric centre.

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